Zombies, Halloween and Skyscrapers

Over the last few weeks I’ve been pretty swamped with work, which isn’t entirely a bad thing (progress etc…), but I’ve not been able to get out and take photos or be bothered to upload the ones I took so here are a bunch of pictures taken over a few weeks in Calgary. It starts of with my encounter of the Calgary Zombie walk as I went to the shops, goes onto Halloween celebrations over the last weekend and then a nice crisp November walk along the Bow river and the downtown to take pictures of Skyscrapers.
A grim scene
Star Trekking Zombies…
Star Trek Zombies...
Owl pumpkin, Canadians seem to take Halloween pretty seriously by the number of people I saw dressed up all over the place.
Pumpkin owl
Time for some rockabilly… (was a bit like being at a ceilidh without the organisation)
KGB carn-EVIL at Dickens Pub
I hate waiting for trains… (especially when they must be a few miles long, darn freight trains!)
Freight train (BW)
Sadko + glass towers
Reflections of a glass world.. skyscrapers on 4th St SW
Reflections of a glass world.. skyscrapers on 4th St SW

2 responses to “Zombies, Halloween and Skyscrapers”

  1. Stewart says :

    Zomibes? Cripes, you were right about them!
    Still enjoying the job?

  2. krioma says :

    I can’t moan – they’ve sent me to use the world’s largest single dish telescope… and they pay me, always good.

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