Arecibo observing day 2

Last night was pretty cool, I got to be in control of Arecibo on my own (quite a scary and proud moment to be honest) and it all went according to plan. I get to start the observations on my own today too, so that’s going to be fun (just better make sure it all goes according to plan!). I have to say I’m quite enjoying it out here – there is something about observing that I do really enjoy (and find quite relaxing), maybe I should consider becoming a telescope controller…
Arecibo receiver
Sunrise and a rather demented (and tired!) looking me:
me at Arecibo, sunrise
I took a walk down to the dish earlier today, not all the way down (I was too tired and it was rather hot!):
Arecibo dish
under the Arecibo dish


One response to “Arecibo observing day 2”

  1. Stewart says :

    Now that is *very* cool.
    Oh, and don’t break it 🙂

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