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My first hockey game

I went to watch my first hockey (oh and for any Brits by hockey I mean the ice variety) game the other day. It was at the Father David Bauer arena here in Calgary. It was a game between the National Women’s Team (the Canadian Olympic team basically) and the Calgary Royals.
Canada vs Royals Face-Off
It was actually quite a good game, well for someone who has only ever watched it on telly. Of course in the women’s game there are no big body checks or fighting (though I’d probably not want to get in a fight with any of those lasses looked like they could have held their own). The final score was 4-4 which in North American sports means we have overtime and then penalties… with the women winning 7-6 on pens. Lots of fun. Oh there is a short video below… (and a bunch of other pics over on .
Canada vs Royals

If you can’t see the video try it [here].

Olympic Flame at UofC

Last Tuesday the University of Calgary got into the Olympic spirit that is slowly ramping up in Canada ahead of the 2010 Vancouver games. As the torch makes its journey through Canada it made a nice stop at the Calgary Olympic Oval (Calgary was the host of the 1988 games, if you are a Brit you will probably remember Eddie the Eagle, it was these games that he did that) on its way through Alberta. Of course, I couldn’t miss out on this!
Olympic Torch skates around the Olympic Oval
Olympic Rings
Oh and on the way home the torch on the Calgary tower was on…
Olympic Flame on Calgary Tower
More photos at:

2009: a review of my year…

Hmm, I know this is a bit late but given my flying back to the UK for Christmas and then coming into a busy work schedule of just not had time. I thought that I probably should write a few things down though.
So 2009, a good year and can be summed up by three things.
Got engaged. Passed Phd. Moved to Calgary.
Of course much more happened but that’s really the quick summary. Getting engaged was by far the most important thing to happen to me.. and now we are organising an August 2011 wedding since I moved to Calgary (Canada) to take up a postdoctoral position in radio astronomy… this came after I successfully completed my PhD in astrophysics (title of PhD – “From planets to galaxies: the low frequency radio sky”).
Many pictures were taken throughout 2009 and I was involved in many events (many surrounding the International Year of Astronomy). I travelled quite a bit (apart from the obvious moving to Calgary) – I went to Arecibo (Puerto Rico) for an observing trip (great to be in control of the world’s largest telescope) and I took a vacation to Barcelona (a fantastic city).
I don’t have much time to finish this properly right now so I’m hoping to come back to this at some point and add some pictures…

Football Manager 2010 on Ubuntu

By far my favourite computer game is [Football Manager] and for Christmas I was given the latest incarnation, FM2010. Now I could just play it on Windows, and indeed I probably will at some point, but that’s not me. I never use Windows unless I have to these days (I only ever need to windows to play games). So I went about trying to get it to work on [Ubuntu]. [FM2008 was pretty easy to install] but I had a few problems with this one. For some reason I just couldn’t get the correct settings in [Wine].
So in the end I just went and installed [PlayOnLinux] which has a nice install script for the game and it WORKED! The install went smoothly (make sure you don’t do the via steam option though). I first had issues with the graphics but all I did was make sure that fm.exe was added to the list of programs to run in XP mode in winecfg. I also think that you have to make sure you run kill all tasks running with the wine prefix and then simulate the windows reboot. After doing that – job done. I have a few issues with the graphics and the 3D engine is currently not working, but I probably wouldn’t use that anyway…