Football Manager 2010 on Ubuntu

By far my favourite computer game is [Football Manager] and for Christmas I was given the latest incarnation, FM2010. Now I could just play it on Windows, and indeed I probably will at some point, but that’s not me. I never use Windows unless I have to these days (I only ever need to windows to play games). So I went about trying to get it to work on [Ubuntu]. [FM2008 was pretty easy to install] but I had a few problems with this one. For some reason I just couldn’t get the correct settings in [Wine].
So in the end I just went and installed [PlayOnLinux] which has a nice install script for the game and it WORKED! The install went smoothly (make sure you don’t do the via steam option though). I first had issues with the graphics but all I did was make sure that fm.exe was added to the list of programs to run in XP mode in winecfg. I also think that you have to make sure you run kill all tasks running with the wine prefix and then simulate the windows reboot. After doing that – job done. I have a few issues with the graphics and the 3D engine is currently not working, but I probably wouldn’t use that anyway…


One response to “Football Manager 2010 on Ubuntu”

  1. Stewart says :

    But Windows is great.
    Remember Windows ME, Vista.
    Windows 7 is great 😦

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