Olympic Celebration in Calgary..

Last Saturday Calgary (well CTV) held a celebration for the start of the Olympic Games over in British Columbia. I have to say this is probably the coldest gig I’ve ever been to. It was fun though.. but still it was darn cold. Not sure if holding an outdoors gig in Calgary in the winter is ever a good idea… it was foogy too – such that you could just make the outline of the Calgary tower:
Is that the tower?
I got there in time to watch some local band called [“the Dudes”] who played a solid set of music. Not sure if they are really my thing but they are defineely worth a look out. Probably the best local band I’ve seen so far. I’ve not seen many though.
"The Dudes" play
Eventually, as it got darker, the Tower broke through the clouds and you could see the Olympic Flame burning brightly over Calgary…
Calgary Tower, olympic flame
The main attraction for me to go down to the event was to see the headline band, Simple Plan. They were definitely worth waiting around in the cold for (well it wasn’t so cold after I had a hot chocolate and then jumped around a bit).
Simple Plan at Olympic Celebration
Simple Plan at Olympic Celebration
.. but by the end of this and when I got on the C-train to go home I couldn’t feel my feet properly.. hmmm. Oh and here is a quick clip of the gig:

More photos from the gig can be found [on flickr].


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