SKA Pathfinder Video

I’m a radio astronomer, which is pretty obvious if you know me or have ever looked at my blog before, and sometimes I find it hard to properly explain what I do – especially since my current work is based on a telescope that is still in the design stages (the Square Kilometre Array). One of the pathfinder telescopes to the SKA is ASKAP (the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder, imaginative name, eh?!). Anyway the ASKAP guys have a cool movie showing the design of the telescope… so if you have ever wonder what the heck I’m going on about maybe this will help:

If you can’t see the link try [here]


One response to “SKA Pathfinder Video”

  1. Stewart says :

    You’ve got one of the coolest jobs there is…apart from being a TV presenter on Top Gear 😉
    If you have any links to a guide to aperture synthesis, I’d appreciate it as I sort-of know the theory but I either find the over simplified “kids stuff”, or papers that Stephen Hawking would appreciate!
    I’d love to know more.

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