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Calgary Comic Expo 2010

Yesterday I went to my first comic book convention. I’m not sure why I’ve never ended up at a first proper convention like this before, guess I’ve always been put off by costs / having to get out to the NEC. This one was a little pricey but not too bad for a whole days entertainment – it was $20 and took place at Stampede park so pretty easy to get to (well assuming you live in Calgary that is!).
Leonard Nimoy @ Calgary Comic Expo
The main exhibition room was pretty huge full of lots of interesting and sometimes slightly strange displays. I was taken aback abit with the Vulcan town stand but it did reaffirm by need to travel south to Vulcan – yep there really is a town called [Vulcan in Alberta]. Overall I had a very good day with the highlight being hearing Leonard Nimoy talk about his career and watching him get “white hatted” by a bunch of storm troppers. Great fun. I have a video of this, so take a look below and you shall find it (it’s about 8 minutes long).
Leonard Nimoy @ Calgary Comic Expo
There were quite a few people dressed up too.. some much more impressive than others but it was fun to see how people went about things..
Scarlet Spider
Overall a great day and if you fancy hearing some of the Leonard Nimoy talk here you go (if you can’t see the video try [here]:

Oh and if you want to watch Gumby faceplanting on stage:

What I’m listening to: “Lostprophets – The Betrayed”

Lostprophets - The Betrayed
Story of the Year – The Constant

Over the past couple of months I’ve spent quite a lot of time listening to the [Lostprophets’] latest offering – “The Betrayed”. Now this is not the best offering from the Lostprophets ever I still quite enjoyed it. Its got their usual sound but I dunno, I just feel something is slightly missing. I think my favourite track on the album is “It’s Not the End of the World, But I Can See It From Here” though you can really hear the Billy Talent coming through… then again I like that. So I’m not moaning. This is in contrast the to the more melodic “Where We Belong”. Proper Lostprophets is found on “Next Stop Atro City” – you might even be able to hear the Pontypridd origins coming through (that’s a Welsh accent in case you were wondering).
The album takes a bit of a turn then getting a bit more pop-punk, I think the best way to describe it is Fall-Out Boy like. After this you really start to hear the proper Lostprophets, the other tracks are worth listening to but if you want to remind yourself of the sound of the Lostprophets then you probably want to listen to the second half of the album. The album finishes really strong with the excellent “The Light That Burns Twice As Bright…”… the song is full of lovely texture and doesn’t miss a nice heavy percussion section. biggrin.gif
Overall I quite enjoyed this album.. offers a few different things but its not quite what I was expecting.

Removing CTRL M characters

Sometimes if you modify or create a file in Windows or DOS and then copy it to a Linux (well Unix like) file system you get ^M characters at the end of each line. These are annoying when trying to run scripts on files (or things like latex) and can be nicely removed using the vi editor. Open you file with vi and then do:


You can get the ^M by pressing Ctrl V and then Ctrl M.

Calgary Roughnecks

Last Saturday I went to watch my first professional lacrosse game at the Calgary Saddledome. I have to say it was just a bit odd.. the game was good but the “show” part was a bit much – too many breaks etc. It was the Calgary Roughnecks versus Colorado Mammoth. Calgary won 12-11 (if you can’t see the video, try [here]).

Roughnecks Lacrosse
Roughnecks Lacrosse