Calgary Comic Expo 2010

Yesterday I went to my first comic book convention. I’m not sure why I’ve never ended up at a first proper convention like this before, guess I’ve always been put off by costs / having to get out to the NEC. This one was a little pricey but not too bad for a whole days entertainment – it was $20 and took place at Stampede park so pretty easy to get to (well assuming you live in Calgary that is!).
Leonard Nimoy @ Calgary Comic Expo
The main exhibition room was pretty huge full of lots of interesting and sometimes slightly strange displays. I was taken aback abit with the Vulcan town stand but it did reaffirm by need to travel south to Vulcan – yep there really is a town called [Vulcan in Alberta]. Overall I had a very good day with the highlight being hearing Leonard Nimoy talk about his career and watching him get “white hatted” by a bunch of storm troppers. Great fun. I have a video of this, so take a look below and you shall find it (it’s about 8 minutes long).
Leonard Nimoy @ Calgary Comic Expo
There were quite a few people dressed up too.. some much more impressive than others but it was fun to see how people went about things..
Scarlet Spider
Overall a great day and if you fancy hearing some of the Leonard Nimoy talk here you go (if you can’t see the video try [here]:

Oh and if you want to watch Gumby faceplanting on stage:


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