Hiking around Lake Minnewanka

Just over a week ago, while my better half was here, we and a few of my friends went up to Lake Minnewanka in Banff National Park for a hike. We really couldn’t have asked for a better day for it, gorgeous sunshine (I still have the tan-line from my watch from it) and fantastic scenery. I do think, however, that the highlight of the day had to be seeing 14 deer! I have to say though I was pretty excited to go to the lake because of the name (yes, I’m a big kid!):
Me and sign for Lake Minnewanka
Despite me thinking its a funny name (if you are Canadian and just don’t get it imaging a Brummie saying it, don’t say it like a Wonka bar in other words) Lake Minnewanka means “Water of the Spirits” in Nakota (the Stoney Indian language). The lake itself is a glacial lake fed by the Cascade River. The lake is about 30m high than the natural height due to daming for hydro power, this flooded the resort village that was there at the time and I’m told by avid scuba people I know that its pretty interesting down there….
The hike itself was fun, we kind-of decided we would walk until we got bored or tired… the later was the factor in the end but we managed a decent walk really. Here are a couple of pictures of the fantastic lake the beautifully blue water (for more see [here]):
Lake Minnewanka
Lake Minnewanka hike
You can see that we got quite above the trees on the walk.. not that high in the end but high enough for me to have some breathing issues (darn asthma) – then again starting point here is about 1km above see-level.
Boat on Lake Minnewanka
I have to say I do love being close to the rocky mountains, always stunning.
Oh and on a humorous note look at the arse we were parked to, yes that’s a hummer with a “Got Gas” licence plate!!
Got Gas Hummer, lol


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