Hiking for Tea; a hike to Lake Agnes

Yesterday I went on quite a grueling hike. OK, its not really that bad a hike but starting at 1661 m and ending at 2210m (to the [Little Beehive]) is not good on my lungs – the combination of the altitude, asthma and my general poor fitness makes it more of challenge. Still it was quite good fun and definitely worth the hike. The view was simply stunning and the tea, well its by far the best [Earl Grey] I’ve had in Canada.
The hike started off at gorgeous Lake Louise:
Lake Louise reflections
you might just about to be able to pick out the teahouse destination in this image (look for the hut to the right of the first foreground peak):
Our destination, the tea house of Lake Agnes and the little beehive
On the way up the first lake you come across is the beautiful Mirror Lake:
Mirror Lake, cool reflections
Rock @ Mirror Lake
I was quite happy about having a rest there. Then we just kept going up and after avoiding a few horses and a waterfall we ended up at [Lake Agnes] and the tea house – so I had apple crumble.
Lake Agnes
Teahouse @ Lake Agnes
I’ve even got a little ground squirrel to become my friend, now how do I add it to facebook? biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
ground squirrel in my shadow at Lake Agnes
We then saw a Marmot, a strange looking creature that was nicely basquing in the sun until we must have disturbed it (“damn tourists” he must have been thinking):
a marmot
We actually ended up above the snow line, which was kind-of cool but made me realise quite high up we’d gone….
after all that, we find the top.
oh and all 3 lakes, left Lake Louise, Mirror Lake and Lake Agnes could all be seen at once:
Lake's Louse, Mirror and Agnes
More photos from this hike can be found at [starrydude on flickr]


One response to “Hiking for Tea; a hike to Lake Agnes”

  1. Stewart says :

    Beautiful pictures!
    Oh, what was the squirrel’s name 🙂

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