Talking GALFACTS Calibration

I gave a talk at the GALFACTS/POSSUM meeting last week on the calibration of the GALFACTS dataset. In essence I talked about how we are going about the calibration and applying it to the main data. I also discussed recent releases of the initial data products: GALFACTS Calibration & Data Quality – Samuel J George + GALFACTS Technical Team (talk at [GALFACTS/POSSUM 2010])
In this talk we discuss the calibration observations undertaken with the [ALFA instrument on the Arecibo Observatory] as part of the [GALFACTS survey]. A description of the observations and the calibration pipeline is given with specifics on the determination of the beam gains and the polarization leakage. The recent release of data to the [GALFA Continuum Consortium] is discussed and an assessment of the data quality is given. In short we have made substantial progress with the calibration and imaging pipelines however their is room for improvement. [PDF Version of talk] – given on 24/08/2010


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