Flames vs Oilers

I meant to post this before but well I was busy and I’ve been a bit crap at updating my blog as of late. Anyway, while my Dad was visiting me in Calgary a couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of going to my first NHL game. T he Calgary Flames against the Edmonton Oilers (on 26/10/2010) – a proper local derby. WOW it was good fun. We actually bought cheap tickets and ended up right in the back row:
Flames vs Oilers
… but courtesy of the Flames president and a wonderful customer service person we got moved to:
Flames vs Oilers - zamboni!
I have a video of myself going on about our tickets, not that I wasn’t happy to be there anyway, and then moments later we were moved (will have to post that soon: UPDATE: see [here]). The game was great, with a 4-4 final score and a shootout to decide the winner. Flames win! GO FLAMES GO!
We even managed to get on the jumbotron:
Flames vs Oilers - on the jumbotron
Flames vs Oilers
For more pics see [here].


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