Lougheed House

Another place that I hadn’t managed to take a look at in Calgary yet, despite only living 3 blocks away, was [Lougheed House].
I’ve walked passed it a few times but never made that trip inside, well it was quite cold when my Dad was here so we decided that doing something indoors would be a good idea. It wasn’t too expensive, especially since they kindly gave us a buy-one-get-one-free voucher discount even though we didn’t have one. We had a 30 minute or so tour around the building and gave me an interesting take of Calgary 100 years ago. Strange to think all the land around this building would have just been prairie, now its smack bang in the middle of the downtown. As can be seen from this:
The building was built in 1891, so one of the oldest structures still remaining around Calgary. It has been through many different uses, but thankfully it has now been nicely restored. A good day out, thoroughly would recommend it.
Oh and I really loved some of the stained glass windows (there is even one, I can’t recall which one, that was placed the wrong way round with the paint on the outside):


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