Awk csv and cut the header…

Something I keep having to look up how todo so I’m putting it here for future reference:
Suppose you have a comma separated file, say the list of Abell clusters: e.g. first line:
and you want to convert this into a nice tab spaced data set and cut off the header…
awk -F’,’ ‘{printf(“%10.8ft%10.8ft%10.8ft%10.8ft%10.8ft%10.8fn”, $1,$2,$3,$4,$5,$16)}’ abell_all.csv > temp_abellcut
len=$(wc -l temp_abellcut | awk ‘{print $1 -1}’)
tail -n $len temp_abellcut > abell_all.dat
rm -rf temp_abellcut
echo “id ra dec z D search_radius” > abell_all.header
… and bob’s ya uncle.


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