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2010 review – music

This year has been a bit different for music I’ve listened to less new bands than ever before. The highlight probably was either the [Lostprophets] or the [Story of the Year] album. I did however really enjoy the Anberlin album and the Linkin Park album (which I still am ambivalent about). No matter what [] does not lie in what I’ve been listening to (it keeps track of what I play at home, on my ipod and work… and even what I stream online – no escape!). I’ve actually been listening to an increasing amount of “trance” which I’m not sure is very representative here though (lots of individual artists):

Meeting contribution: Extrasolar planets and their auroral processes

Sometimes searching for your own papers on [ADS] leads to interesting results… like [this abstract] (by me… well of my talk at the [BAA]):
“Mr George explained that his department was involved in the hunt for emission in the low radio frequency sky. The hope was to directly detect exoplanets with radio astronomy techniques. His talk would introduce the methods used to discover extrasolar planets over the past decade, then outline auroral emissions in the solar system, and show how these could help discover less massive planets than had been found to date. ”
– nice [write up of my talk] in the article too biggrin.gif

Nature of Extragalactic Radio Sources in Lethbridge

I gave a talk on the [Nature of Extragalactic radio sources] the other day in Lethbridge.. a small town in southern Alberta. Its most redeeming quality being this huge bridge:

World Cup Bobsled

Last night I helped take part in an [experiment to help improve track safety] (and probably increase speed) at bobsled events during the [World Cup event] here at Calgary. It was lots of fun and my first chance (I’ve been here a year and a half!) to get up to [Canada Olympic park]. It was nice to see bobsled going down a track in the flesh, something I didn’t think I’d ever do. Oh and it was on the track of that Jamaican bobsled incident ([what happened really] that spawned the film [cool runnings]. I even managed to slide down some ice myself… but that was due to my incompetence on a 10ft section of ice on the pavement, ouch. I took a video and a few pics too:

More pictures on my and for the .