Trying out the new camera

For Christmas my other half bought my a [Fujifilm HS10] – I have to say I was rather please, just what I wanted a camera that was a big upgrade from my last one. I do enjoy taking photos, even if most of mine aren’t the greatest, I just love giving it ago. I don’t think I could ever be bothered carrying an SLR around though. Maybe at some point I will. For now the promise of a 30x optical zoom is rather exciting. Anyway, I’ve now take a few photos with it that I’m quite pleased with and thought I’d share. Lets start with one of my favourite items, the Moon. Both of these photos were taken without a tripod, so I’m quite pleased:
Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon taken in Birmingham.
January Morning Moon
Daytime Moon taken in Calgary.
Solar Eclipse Clouds + smartphone
The Moon takes a chunk out of the Sun; shame we missed the eclipse due to the cloud in the background but HTC + webcam saved us…
I took a bit of a walk around downtown Calgary last sat, was a beautiful +4C (shame about the snow right now, we have had one hot week with double digit positives!):
Nexus Building
The Nexus building on 8th St.
Escaping Moisture
Moisture escaping the vents from the Shaw Building.
Is it a plane.. yes, looks like KLM
Capturing a plane as it flies high above Calgary.
Overall I’m rather pleased with the new camera and hope to take lots more pictures and to actually understand alot of what it can do.


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