Reader Rock Garden and Union Cemetery

Today I took a walk around the Reader Rock Garden and Union Cemetery. The rock garden was setup by Englishman [William Reader ]between 1922 and 1929. Tis not huge but I’m sure it looks really nice in the summer… maybe not so when there is ice everywhere! 🙂
Reader Rock Garden
The highlight of the walk was this well behaved Snowshoe hare that I got to take a few shots of:
Snowshoe Hare
Apart from getting lost in the cemetery the walk wasn’t bad – though I gave up on the walk I was supposed to as the overpass over Macleod trail was well fenced off from the cemetery – though I could have easily jumped the fence I decided that would have been bad form and so walked down to the nearest C-train station and came home… worked well I was got to listen to 606.
Given it was the last day of the Calgary Flames season and they won’t be going to the playoffs I think it was fitting to see the below banner over Macleod trail:
Broken Flames heart


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