Snowboarding FIS World Cup

Back in February (26th to be exact) I got the chance to [see some proper snowboarding].. all taking place within the city at the ski hill that I get public transit too. Now if I didn’t suck at snowboarding/skiing that would be a really exciting thing, though I guess if I was good at it I’d just go the mountains. Still its a nice bonus of living in Calgary.. well it makes the snow more bearable. Anyway, back to the subject – we (me and my mate Steve who was over visiting) decided to go check it out the [snowboarding world cup], given it was free and in his case a $2.40 journey away. Was well worth it. We got to see the whole half pipe competition (both men and women) and there were some awe inspiring moves made… of course I took a couple of pics:
Snowboarding World Cup @ COP
Snowboarding World Cup @ COP
Snowboarding World Cup @ COP
If you are ever in Calgary, do go to [COP] well worth a gander.. well maybe not in the summer but the winter when there is an event going on.. or you [wanna make an idiot of yourself like I did]. Oh and some more pics of this event can be found on [my flickr account].


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