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New paper: Detection Thresholds and Bias Correction in Polarized Intensity

I have had a paper accepted for publication in the [Publications of the Astronomical Society of Australia]. This was on some interesting work I completed whilst I was in [Calgary]. I might sit down and spend some time writing this up in a more public friendly manner when I get chance.. but in essence its a paper on noise and how one goes about detecting sources in images made by radio telescopes. If you fancy taking a read of it see: arxiv:1106.5362.

Awk sexigesimal to decimal… again

This is the third update to my bash/awk script for turning coordinates given often into something useful. [The old version] didn’t give a large precision in the output coordinates, this is better:

cat $filein | awk ‘{if ($4>= “‘”0.0″‘”) {h=($1*15.0)+($2/60.0)*15+($3/3600.0)*15; h2=$4+($5/60.0)+($6/3600.0); printf(“%10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8fn”, h,h2,$7,$8,$9,$10,$11,$12,$13,$14,$15,$16,$17,$18)}; if ($4 $fileout

Stick the above in, chmod it so it runable (say chmod 700 and run it as: input.dat output.dat – where input.dat has a list of sexigesimal RAs and DECs.

Week one in Cambridge

Well I’ve been working in Cambridge for a week now. Its all a bit different. I have to say its amazing when you are introduced to the Cavendish Laboratory by seeing Maxwell’s desk and some of Rutherford’s apparatus for electron scattering! Now that’s just cool. Anyway, week one has gone well and I’m continuing my work on Square Kilometre Array related computing work.
I’ve walked about 80km this week whilst looking at places to live and I’ve seen a few interesting places. I’m currently staying in some temporary accommodation next to the Institute of Astronomy:
Pony, Rabbits and Observatory
I’ve seen many colleges including Jesus:
I’ve crossed the Cam:
Crossing the cam
and done some interesting work:
3C391 - messing around with polarization leakage...
Rutherford Building of the Cavendish