Awk sexigesimal to decimal… again

This is the third update to my bash/awk script for turning coordinates given often into something useful. [The old version] didn’t give a large precision in the output coordinates, this is better:

cat $filein | awk ‘{if ($4>= “‘”0.0″‘”) {h=($1*15.0)+($2/60.0)*15+($3/3600.0)*15; h2=$4+($5/60.0)+($6/3600.0); printf(“%10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8f %10.8fn”, h,h2,$7,$8,$9,$10,$11,$12,$13,$14,$15,$16,$17,$18)}; if ($4 $fileout

Stick the above in, chmod it so it runable (say chmod 700 and run it as: input.dat output.dat – where input.dat has a list of sexigesimal RAs and DECs.


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