Couple of days in Manchester…

I went up to Manchester for a Square Kilometre Array meeting on calibration and imaging – if you are interested [my talk] slides and a (just follow the links) can be found on their website. I stayed in the Novotel and that was actually a much better experience than I thought. This was only the second time that I’ve been to Manchester the first for another radio astronomy meeting, though the only exploring I did the first time was to get some socks (yes I went to a conference without any). I took in a few sights this time including the John Rylands Library which looks more like a church. I’m not sure I could go in their and look for books – I’d be a little intimidated. Was pretty cool though:
John Rylands Library - Manchester
Most of my time was spent, of course, at the conference but I did get to experience [Eastzeast] which had some excellent Indian food. Weird nan presentation, but excellent food. Overall my impression of Manchester was better on the second viewing but I’m not sure I’d be interested in spending more than a week there.
In Manchester


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