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Trifid Nebula – M20

M20 – the Trifid Nebula is an H II region located in Sagittarius – (2x30s BRV taken at Wast Hills)
Trifid Nebula


Observatories: Arecibo

The 305m [Arecibo telescope] is the largest single dish telescope in the world. Its just awesome. I’ve had the prillage of using this for a project I’m part of, GALFACTS, and its an amazing sight and pretty scary up at the reciever platform.
Arecibo Dish
platform shadow
looking down on arecibo receiver dome

U band Moon

A very short exposure of the Moon in the U band with a 14inch telescope…
Moon in the u band 2

M87 with the BRT

Messier 87 (also known as M87, Virgo A or NGC 4486) is a supergiant elliptical galaxy. It can be seen in the centre of this Bradford Robotic Telescope image (a short 120second exposure in the R band).
M87 with the BRT

Saturn’s Spectra

Low resolution spectra of Saturn, clearly visible on the extremities is the spectra of the rings – showing a difference to the central region which is the planet:

Observatories: Effelsberg

The [Effelsberg radio telescope] is one of the largest telescopes on the Earth. It has a diameter of 100m and is fully steerable, a very impressive sight to see.

Observatories: Grubb Telescope

The on-campus [University of Birmingham Astronomical Society’s] Grubb telescope. Along with a team from the Physics workshop I refurbished this wonderful telescope. I’m very proud of that and the optics form 1910 are still pretty epic.
Grubb Telescope completed