Supernova in Ursa Major!

On August 23rd a star in the [Pinwheel Galaxy] (M101) perished in a supernova explosion. At 21 million light-years from Earth this is the closest star explosion of its type observed since 1986. The object, SN 2011fe, has brightened so much that it is now possible to view with binoculars ([instructions on how to observe]). On 8th September, astronomers (Dr Samuel George, Elizabeth George and Richard Pearson) using the [University of Birmingham Observatory] on a cloudy night managed to take an image of the galaxy clearly showing the supernova (as indicated by the target symbol):
SN 2011fe
We took a [colour image of M101] a while back and here (on a similar scale/rotation) is a comparison pre-and-post-supernova:
SN 2011fe


2 responses to “Supernova in Ursa Major!”

  1. Blog says :

    Supernova.. now in colour

    We went out and tried to take a colour image of M101 and the supernova.. not the best colour image I’ve ever made (looks like there was some dust on the telescope causing some odd image artefact that I’ve cleaned…

  2. Blog says :

    A review of my 2011

    2011 will always be one of the most memorable years in my life – it better be as I did get married 🙂 The year started off with me being back in the UK for my birthday which was great…

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