Croatia: around Rovinj

Our proper honeymoon was to Croatia, it was absolutely beautiful. I took so many photos on this holiday and we saw so many fantastic things. Croatia was just lovely. Basically I’m going to write a few posts – with the intention of making them smaller and not ranting on too much – about where we went.
Lets start with Rovinj (which is in Istria) since this is where we were based. Its actually quite a small town that must survive of tourism. It really quite beautiful with lots of little streets and reminded me a lot of Venice (it was part of the Venetian empire so kind of makes sense – it was from 1283 to 1797 a rather important town in Istria under the Republic of Venice.). Saying that there were also a bunch of Austrian looking buildings too. I guess that’s a sign of who has owned the place in the past. We stayed in a hotel that was surrounded by a forest and about a minute walk to the sea. The water was so clear. I don’t recall ever seeing the see so clear – a bit rocky but once we bought some shoes it was fine and you could see so many fishes.
I’d say the main feature of the town is the Church bell tower of the Church of S. Eufemia:
You can even go up it, which though a little rickety was well worth the view and is probably the cheapest tower I’ve ever been up:
Looking over Rovinj from tower
The whole town doesn’t take too long to walk around but the harbour area is quite nice and full of places to get ice cream to cool you down, and shopping if you are that way inclined:
There is also this piece of sculpture in the harbour area, but I never did figure out what it was of or by:
Oh and just to emphasis the water clarity:
We also saw some fantastic sunsets from Rovinj:
Generally it wasn’t too expensive in Rovinj – but then again we were pretty well catered for at our hotel.. not the best food but we did go half board which felt a bit odd to be honest – not our normal way of traveling. More to come on Croatia.


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