Croatia: Pula & Groznjan

The second part of our trip to Croatia…. we went out on a trip to Pula the largest city in Istria and then up to a hilltop town, Groznjan.
Pula is on the southern tip of the Istrian peninsula, we actually flew into Pula airport, but really wasn’t far from Rovinj about an hour or so. The main site of Pula has to be the wonderfully preserved Roman Colosseum:
I think it has to be up their will El Djem (in Tunisia) in how complete it is – and like El Djem its still used.
There are lots of Roman sites still around the town, including the Arch of the Sergii,
the Temple of Roma and Augustus,
and a roman mosaic, (which is very odd to find and I’ll probably write a post on this experience later, in essence its behind a bank next to a car park):
apart from the Roman sites there is also the middle age era Chapel of St. Mary Formosa (which looked like was having an archaeological dig in the back) :
and the late Romanesque style Church of St. Francis (13th Century):
We didn’t have long in Pula so that’s about all that we saw.
We then went up to mountain top village of Groznjan, which has only 185 people living there – mostly artists. Not a bad place to be inspired:


4 responses to “Croatia: Pula & Groznjan”

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  3. Alice Then says :

    Hi Samuel,

    Sounds like a lovely trip. 🙂 A friend and I are planning to head to these similar destinations. Was just wondering, how did you travel from Pula to Groznjan? Was it by a taxi or bus?


    • samuel says :

      Hi Alice,

      Well we were staying in a hotel in Rovinj – we decided to book the trip in the hotel through a travel company (can’t recall the name) and they sorted out all the coaches. There was a bus between Rovinj and Pula but we taking it easy this holiday. I’m not sure about a bus up to Groznjan, but I’d have thought there were.

      Thanks for reading my blog,


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