Casacore installation on Ubuntu

Here are some steps to install casacore on Ubuntu (specifically 10.04 LTS ran as a virtual machine with VirtualBox on Ubuntu 11.10). This posting uses provided packages where possible and avoids, if necessary the installation of packages from source. This is mostly meant as a reference for myself and hence includes a few things that I had to specifically do and probably won’t work for anyone else, I hope it does, but we all know what computers are like! Of course, you should go and see the latest on the [google code casacore] page. This is using casacore version 1.3.0.
wget casacore (see link above) and unpack.
sudo apt-get install build-essential
sudo apt-get install scons fort77 subversion g++ cmake libblas-dev liblapack-dev libqdbm-dev libfftw3-dev libcfitsio3-dev libboost-python-dev slang-cfitsio flex bison gfortran libhdf5-serial-dev libreadline5-dev python-scipy python-matplotlib python-pyfits
Download wcslib – and run make, make install
tar -xf wcslib.tar.bz2
cd wcslib-4.8.2
./configure –prefix=/usr/local/include/wcslib/
make && make install && cd ..
When compiling casacore I had a specific problem where a header file couldn’t be found from wcslib, so quick fix;
sudo cp -r wcsconfig.h /usr/local/include/wcslib #from the wcslib dir
and that seemed to fix it.
Now install casacore with scons:
scons –prefix=/usr/local –enable-shared
sudo scons install
There are many different options available for the compilation – all the above does is make the shared libraries too… you should look into this but remember that the options.cache file needs to be removed if you do another make.


4 responses to “Casacore installation on Ubuntu”

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    Casacore installation: Addendum

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  4. krioma says :

    I recently had to reinstall this and thought it prudent to post a quick update based on this installation.
    This time I did basically the same as above but with a few changes. Mostly due to some oddities with the installation of wcslib.
    sudo apt-get install python-scipy python-matplotlib python-pyfits scons fort77 subversion g++ cmake libblas-dev liblapack-dev libqdbm-dev libfftw3-dev libcfitsio3-dev libboost-python1.42.0 slang-cfitsio flex bison gfortran libhdf5-serial-dev libreadline5-dev libboost-python-dev
    #download wcslib
    tar xfj wcslib.tar.bz2
    cd wcslib-4.8.2 #this might vary.
    #make it
    make check
    sudo make -n install
    sudo ln -s /usr/local/include/wcslib-4.3 /usr/local/include/wcslib
    #now more to the casacore directory
    scons –enable-shared –disable-static
    for me this failed to find one of the wcs headers, this was easily resolved by:
    sudo cp -r wcslib-4.8.2/wcsconfig.h /usr/local/include/wcslib
    #and try again:
    scons –enable-shared –disable-static
    sudo scons install
    #all now worked.

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