Observing last night

We had a great night observing out at Wast Hills last night. It was really good fun, even if the cloud did come out and beat us in the end. I’ll post a few of the photographs with more discussion later but for now I wanted to share two of my favourite images from last night. One was us capturing Jupiter with a 0.0001s exposure in the U band and imaging the cloud belts – that’s a first for myself:
Jupiter clouds
I also took my camera along last night, though alas I had my tripod but forgot the crucial bit that links my camera to it – oh well I still managed to get a few decent shots without the camera shake, such as:
Wast Hills and Orion
The observatory with Orion rising in the background. As I say I’ll post more later but if you are interested the full set of photos from last night can be found over on flickr.

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