FAS Newsletter #1

I feel like someone having in their hands issue number one of a comic… well maybe not like that but its still quite cool. I love looking back at how things started. The Federation of Astronomical Societies newsletter has been running since June 1984 and over the last few months I’ve been sorting and scanning in a bunch of older records. This will eventually enhance the full online archive (before we only had back to 1999 online) of our newsletters.
The highlights of this issue are a write up of a night out at the Temple Observatory by a member of Coventry and Warwickshire Astronomical Society. Oh and if you were wondering, as I was, the telescope is still used. There is the first ever news round up, a stable of the FAS newsletter over the years and an article on how to make a star clock. I quite enjoyed seeing that the FAS subscription for the year was £7.50 – which would not be for a small society. Lets compare that to our medium society now of £44.50 (not including early payment) – its not that bad given we are looking back close to 3 decades.
Anyway, if you wish to read FAS Newsletter #1 you can get a pdf of it from the FAS website.


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