India 2012: Day 1

Today has been long, actually it still feels like yesterday. In an hour or so I start my first run of 10 hours with the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope. I love observing, but not when i’m this tired, though its not that bad. The flight from Heathrow to Mumbai was pretty nice. I watched a couple of good films (50/50 which in no means should be described as a comedy – was really sad!) and had a nice veggie curry. We landed and our car wasn’t there – no fear we got it sorted but made an otherwise stressful journey more so. Oh well. We are now at the GMRT and I’m eager to get on with the science. Of course, though we have had time for a few photographs. I wanted to start off with one of the funny things I saw (and managed to capture) on the road:
Yes, that is a guy reading a broadsheet on the back of a motorcycle! Oh, how India does it differently.
We made it to the GMRT just before “snacks” so the sweetest cuppa you can ever have was waiting for me nicely. We then went and had a wonder around a few of the dishes while the sunset:
and of course the important me standing in front of antenna photo:
I’ll post more as we go on, and I’ll dump all of my India photos in this flickr set.


3 responses to “India 2012: Day 1”

  1. Sukhpreet GURAM says :

    Ha ! First mistake. That guy is not reading a broadsheet. He is carrying something with a frame that’s wrapped in a newspaper. If you look closely you can see there is a cardboard and some nylon rope that ties the newspaper to the thing. Hopefully this has not gone viral yet .. :). Anyways seems like you are having fun. You’ve already been to places that I haven’t yet been to :(.

  2. krioma says :

    Ah yeah, maybe you are right. Still I’m going to tell my friends that was the case – it much more fun that way. I even caught that photo by accident. Still though, on the back of the bike that’s crazy!
    We went into Pune and did some shopping today, Elizabeth got a few scarfs at a good price – actually was my first trip on an auto-rickshaw – worked better than I thought.

  3. Blog says :

    A year back in the UK

    It’s now been a year since [I left Calgary] to come back to the UK. Time has flown by and I can’t quite believe that it was a year ago. Its quite fitting that I write this now, my rebate…

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