India 2012: Day 2

The second day of us being in India kinda merged into the first. So far the observations that I came over todo are going well and I’m even processing some of the data – so at least I’m not too sleepy. We have spent most of our time so far sat in the GMRT terminal room, not the most of exotic places but the area around the telescope is quite nice – and the control room has some wildlife of its own:
gecko in control room
I’ve also got my second, WTF India images:
Interesting power cable...
Yes I had a shower. It was safe. Heated water first, turned off power. Had a fight with a spider. Won. Had a shower. But gosh look at that. Now I think the UK is overly cautious about power in the bathroom but that is scary.
Oh and here are some lovely flowers that are all over the site:
Flowers at the GMRT


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