Fast food in India

India has many options for fast food. This varies from the random looking food cart on the street (which you should NEVER eat from) to the very fancy restaurants. We didn’t eat at either during our stay in Maharashtra. We did, however, eat at some very good “hotels” – which seems to me as a means of distinguishing that they aren’t just some dodgy cafe. We ate lots of excellent food including some of the best thali I’ve ever had (and it was unlimited) in Aurangabad (here is a pic of the place). You really have a massive selection, even the proper restaurants that we ate in provided a very fast service. Around Mumbai there was many options but of course we were a bit selective where we ate. Though saying that when we went past a McDonalds we just had to give it a go. I’m a vegetarian so probably not the choice you would imagine but I wanted to see what Elizabeth thought of a Maharajah Mac. I think she quite enjoyed it, though the big surprise was their selection of Veg options. This included a delicious McSpicy:
Its basically a paneer burger. Something I really wish they offered in the UK. When we left Mumbai we decided to go to KFC at the airport and yet again I was delighted with the number of veggie options which also included a veggie burger. The best veggie burger I’ve ever had was at Montana’s cookhouse salon in Calgary but this one is not far off it:
loving the veggie burger at KFC in Mumbai
Yet again I’m left thinking that I wish these options were available in the UK. Maybe I should write them a letter? I bet it wouldn’t do much, and its not like we eat at either of these places often but it would help (I can think of a few occasions that it would have saved my brother-in-law times).


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