Highlights of Mumbai

I’ve still got lots to write about our time in India, it went way too fast but was lots of fun. We spent a couple of days in Mumbai after my time at the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics was over. It was a good few days. Overall I found Mumbai quite a dirty place, much dirty than Pune and there seemed to be much more rubble around the place. The part of Mumbai we stayed in, Colaba at times could look like European country with grand Victorian buildings lining the streets. I guess that’s cause this was the heart of Victorian British India. One of the most striking sites is the Gateway of India:
Gateway of India, Mumbai
which was rammed the first time we went there. It appeared that there was some kind of rally going on. The second time we went it was much more relaxed still there was obvious security with our bags being checked on both occasions. Again though its the same security you see across all of India – you go through a metal detector, it goes off and you are waved on. Its a shame you can’t walk through the Gateway but apart from that it was one of my favourite sites in Mumbai. I was definitely non-plussed about the Taj Mahal hotel next to it. I’m sure its fantastic inside, but a price I wasn’t willing to pay.
The University of Mumbai appears to be quite expansive, not to the same extent as Pune (in this location anyway), and their is some lovely buildings:
Of course we continued my tradition of finding the cathedral and taking a few pictures. St. Thomas Cathedral in Mumbai from the outside doesn’t look that grand and indeed on the inside its quite basic but does have some nice stained glass windows. It also has some “interesting” dedications from the East India trading company – really makes you step back in time a little.
Probably the best place we visited was the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India). We spent something like 5 hours wondering around this expansive museum.
Prince of Wales Museum
Oh and I even fell down there stairs there – just as we were leaving and since we were getting a flight at 2am meant I was feeling a bit achy all the way home.
All in all, we quite enjoyed Mumbai but I don’t think we would have found much to do past the few days we stayed.


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