A year back in the UK

It’s now been a year since [I left Calgary] to come back to the UK. Time has flown by and I can’t quite believe that it was a year ago. Its quite fitting that I write this now, my rebate for tax from the Government of Canada just got deposited in my account 🙂
The last year has been at times rather stressful but has had some very good highlights. I just can’t believe how fast it has gone.
In all fairness that should be expected as I started new job, moved house twice (including a period of time where I spent the week in some house
in Cambridge and the weekend in Brum), got married and did various bits of travelling.
I think the highlight of my time being back in the UK so far has to be getting married. That involved lots of work but was just
awesome. It was great to see everyone again, some old friends that I just don’t see often enough.
There are moments when I do miss being in Calgary, but that’s mostly the people – I made some good friends out in Canada. I also miss the weather, cold in winter warm in summer. It always appeared to either be gorgeous sunshine or snowing there. Its May and its just dank here and has been overcast for about a two weeks.The time in Calgary really did me good and I think I grew up a lot during it. Nice to be able to compare the living in two countries and just how similar many things are.
Though I really have had a great year that has involved a decent amount of travelling would have liked a bit more but less of the 3 hour train journeys (one way) between Birmingham and Cambridge.
We managed to go to India for some observing at the GMRT and a little bit of travelling ([day 1], [day 2], [Ellora and Aurangabad], [Ajanta], [Pune], [KFC], [Mumbai]):
Me at GMRT
To [Paris for a conference], and a weekend off:
Eiffel Tower at night
For a meeting in [The Netherlands]:
Amsterdam Central Train Station
and oh honeymoon to Bath and Croatia/Slovenia ([Plitvice Lakes],[Pula Groznjan],[Rovinj], [Lake Bled] ):
Lake Bled from Castle
Though more important than any of that – I got to go to the [new Wembley] at last!
More recently I became the Outreach Officer in the Astrophysics group so that means lots more of what I really enjoy – talking about astronomy.
So overall, not too bad a year. Now onto the second and my second as a post-doc at the University of Cambridge – I wonder what the next year to offer? Should be fun.


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