Wicken Fens

Since the weather was a little changeable yesterday we decided that it might be nice to go out to somewhere not too far away. Given we are both [National Trust] members we decided that it was time to visit another of the local places to Cambridge. I have to say I was very pleased we decided to go to the [Wicken Fens] – one of Britain’s oldest nature reserves. We had a lovely walk, albeit a little damp in places, around the Fens (which are mostly boardwalked) seeing lots of colourful dragonflies on the way. It was a great place to spend a few hours on a bank holiday Monday.
I managed to even capture a couple of the dragonflies in action:
Wicken Fen Dragonfly
Wicken Fen Dragonfly
Most of the dragonflies we saw were either Emperor Dragonfly (like the ones above) or Brown Hawkers (the photos I took of this just came out disappointingly blurry).
Apart from the nature there is a great example of a Windpump, which is likely one constructed in 1886 and restored 1956 – though it is no longer works as a pump:
Wicken Fen Windpump
There is lots of hides around the site, so I expect its great for birdwatching too – we saw a couple of birds but nothing spectacular and well I don’t think I could have told you what they were anyway!
Overall a lovely place to visit, somewhere we will go back as there are many longer trails too.


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