New Paper: Observations of the magnetic Bp star HR Lup

I have had a [paper accepted for publication] in the [Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India] on some low-frequency (647, 277 MHz) Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT) observations I undertook a few years back. This was quite a satisfying paper to write as it was good to get through some of the data I’ve had sat on disk waiting to be analysed. It was also an interesting dataset, having not previously analysed data in dual mode with the GMRT before. It was nice to be able to do all the processing and imaging in [CASA], which is a first for a paper for me.
In the paper we discuss the observations we undertook of a magnetic chemically peculiar star (HR Lup) and how we didn’t actually detect the source in both an average image (over all channels and all times) and in a time (we constructed images every 30 seconds to the scan length to see if there was a flare in emission). In some ways this was disappointing, a low frequency detection of this kind of object would have been very exciting. Saying that, however, we are now able to put a constraint on the emission mechanism. The null results in our paper provide evidence that an optically thick gyrosynchrotron model is the correct mechanism for the radio emission of HR Lup and this supports previous observations.
f you fancy taking a read of the paper see: [arxiv:1206.1155].
Some of the terms used above might be confusing, if you aren’t familiar I’ve found a few useful resources: for the more advanced reader I’d suggest taking a look at the [Annual Review of Bastian, Benz and Gary (1998)], for others I’d suggest taking a look at the NRAO webpage – they have a great description of the generation of radio waves via many different emission mechanism.


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