Wimpole Estate

Yesterday lunchtime we took advantage of some brief sunny weather to go out for a drive to [Wimpole]. Though we did get rained on briefly during our walk around the estate it was generally a lovely day to be outside. [Wimpole Hall] really is just round the corner from us, just some 9 miles or so south of Cambridge. So a quick drive down the M11 then past the [MRAO] and we were there.
It turns out that Wimpole is the largest house in Cambridgeshire! When you are outside the house you really do appreciate its size:
Wimpole Estate
The current hall was built in 1640 though much work has taken place over the centuries giving the estate the look it has today.
There is even a farm on site, thought we decided against going in (cost extra for National Trust members) I expect its great for small children. Oh and if you are so inclinded you can even by produce from the farm – yes that meant sausages for t’other one.
There is a walled garden full over lovely colours:
Wimpole Garden Gate
We had a very enjoyable time walking around the gardens, and I’d recommend it to anyone who is nearby – its definitely been the house I’ve most enjoyed walking around since we have been in Cambridge.
Flowers at Wimpole Estate


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