Anglesey Abbey

On Saturday we took a nice slow walk around Anglesey Abbey. Its the second time we have been to this lovely National Trust place – we are slowly getting our money’s worth out of our annual membership. The grounds of Anglesey Abbey are lovAnglesey Abbeyely. Our last visit was great too but the house itself was a bit disappointing. The Lode mill however was a treat. This time we avoided the house and the mill was looking a bit full when we walked past. Instead we took a nice walk around the “nature trail”. We didn’t see much wildlife until we got to the viewing cabin they had. The view was full of lovely butterflies (such as red admirals, peacocks and white), dragonflies and some great tits. Definitely worth a 20 minute sit and watch. Using the binoculars provided (once again I left my nice ones at home) I managed to get a shot of one of the great tits.

Red Dragonfly at Anglesey Abbey

I was also pleased to get a shot, with me moving quite close and slowly, of this red dragonfly.

The moral of the story is I need to remember my big camera… though it was nice to be an opportunist with my mobile phone whilst enjoying nature. Overall a lovely wonder around the gardens.



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