Last day at Cambridge

Today is my final day of work at the University of Cambridge. I’ve been here just over a year – its been fun but I’ve grown weary of the academic job security – time to move on.. and on to being a science teacher. I still had a bit of time to make a cool antenna movie though:

This shows an antenna changing with time as the sky changed above its head. This is meant to be a simulation of a LOFAR antenna but its a bit early to say anything interesting…  all I can say is I’ve had quite a bit of fun playing with OSKAR2 over the past few month.s


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2 responses to “Last day at Cambridge”

  1. Neil Tarrant says :

    Science will be losing a good researcher, but I truly believe that education will be gaining a great educator.

    Go out there and impassion the kids of the nation. Impassion the hell out of them!

  2. samuel says :

    Thanks mate, I’ll give it my best!

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