Whipple Museum

We finally made it down to the Whipple Museum of the History of Science the other day. The collection includes scientific instruments, apparatus, models and lots of other bits and pieces related to the history of science.

If you are interested iIMAG0931n old pieces of kit or science in general then its really worth taking a look around. They have a microscope that Darwin used for example. They also have a huge collection of old calculators which really gave me a flash back to using big old bulky devices. I think the most impressive thing in there was the number of really cool optics and the orrerys – including one that you could put a pound into and it moved. I think this museum is often forgotten in Cambridge as it just doesn’t stand out much and is only open on weekdays in the afternoon. If you are in Cambridge though its really worth a trip down to Freeschool lane – and plus you get to see the old Cavendish lab building too. Its also free – so very much worth the trip.



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