Quarry Bank Mill

On our way back from Morecambe the other day we decided to break our journey up by stopping at Quarry Bank Mill. This is now operated by the National Trust and it was really nice to go to an industrial NT place after going around a lot of fancy old homes. The Mill was just huge with loads to see. We started off by taking a walk around the gardens, which if the top part hadn’t have been shut off due to a landslide we could have been going around for hours. We then had an interested, but fairly grim, tour around the apprentice house. I’m sure at the time it was fantastic that these children had food and some education but the conditions and hours they worked just sounded very grim.

Quarry Bank Mill

We then went and looked around the main mill which was a myriad of rooms telling you all about the cotton industry. The process of making cotton fabric still goes on at the mill and we were giving a demonstration of how this works with some turn of the last century-esq machines. They were loud, very loud and that was only 2 at a time – there would have been many more in the room.

Quarry Bank Mill

Once you get to the bottom of the Mill you get to see the cool big bits and pieces seing Europe’s largest water mill and then a bunch of lovely steam engines – all of which are providing power for the machines higher up the building.


Yet another great National Trust place to visit and somewhere that I feel we would go back to as there is just so much to see and we just didn’t have time to pop up to the dam etc.


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