Ankh-Morpork boardgame

I’ve decided, given I now spend quite a bit of time (and since we have a decent group getting together often) playing board games to try and write a bit about some here… so here is my first attempt..

Ankh Morpork

Ankh-Morpork is set in the largest city-state in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. The concept basically is that Lord Vetinari has disappeared and the different factions are trying to take control. The thing that makes it so much fun is you don’t know how everyone else is trying to win. There are lots of different characters and there are many different victory conditions – for example Command Vimes wants you to get all the way through the deck of cards then that player wins. You don’t need to know any thing about Discworld, but I’m told it helps with the jokes on the cards etc.

We have played this many time as a 4 player game and quite a few times just 2 players. It works best with 4 but works pretty well with just the two of you too.  Its a pretty simple game to get your head around – you play a card and do what it says, of course with your goal in mind. I’ve been given the game on a plate by Joe at least once. Not that I’m minding. I’m sure many of the other games I could write about will have that statement.

This game is also nice cause it doesn’t go on and on, requiring at most an hour or so and at times less than 20 minutes – depends how things go etc, definitely has lots of replay-ability too, so you’ll get your money’s worth.


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