Stone Age boardgame

We recently got our hands on Stone Age – this was a birthday present for me off my wife (yes my birthday is not till January but with a baby on the way we thought best get it now so we can learn and actually enjoy it).

I have to say I really enjoyed playing it… not just because I have now won twice but because its a bit different to our other games. There is a nice constant competition going on throughout but then there is the anticipation as you add your scores up at the end, a lead that happens in the game can quickly be destroyed at the end.

Stone Age

The concept is quite simple, gather resources and build things but there is the randomness introduced by the dice role – so do you go for broke and put all your little people in one area or take a chance and role for a win! With the collection of food and increasing population it feels like Agricola. This game has won many different rewards and I can understand why… its so much fun and I reckon it will be played many times in my house. I’m now looking forward to playing it as 4 players as the rules change!



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