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First board game night

He may have only been a month old but my little’un got involved in his first board game night quite dramatic effect. He wasn’t really with it during Ankh-Morpork as he was distracted with the process of a boob in his face but really helped when it came to Ticket to Ride. Can’t wait for a few years down the line and he is an active participant:

Day 36: Celebrating one month - Henry's first board game night

This was a couple of weeks ago now and has since helped me beat his Mum and his Mum beat all of us.

4 weeks of the little man

We have now had four weeks as being a family.. and they have been lots of fun – so far Henry has:

– met a cat (the cat is still confused):

Day 13: Rosie pondering Henry

– explore the snow (he did not enjoy this):

Day 19: Me, Henry and the weird snowman

– dressed like a Roman (and had a cheeky smile):

Day 26: a happy Henry

and been the centre of attention around his cousins:

Day 33: Henry with his cousins

Not a bad few weeks for all 🙂