My 2013 in 12 images

Like last year I have decided to summarise my year in 12 images, I have been completing a photo a day challenge as well and will post this separately.

1. Henry arrives

Day 6: first family shot

2. Getting big cuddles

Day 46: Daddy gets a big hug

3. Family portrait

Day 82: Family portrait time

4. Henry loves his highchair

Day 158: Superhero boy enjoys the highchair

5. Teaching Chemistry is always fun…

Day 159: Ammonium dichromate volcano

6. but Physics is better

Day 162: Radioactive Sam

7. First trip to the sea

Day 232: Henry's first trip to the sea!

8. First display in my own classroom – NQT begins

Day 238: my first classroom display...

9. Our own home.. yes we bought a place 🙂

Day 269: Entering our own home!

10. Talking about radio astronomy at the University of Cambridge

Day 290: Me speaking at the FAS Convention

11. Off for a hike…

Day 336: outdoors pushing is popular

12. Christmas time with family

Day 355: Family Christmas meal at the Hungry Horse


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