Raspberry Pi fun

— This post is mostly for me to show my Year 10 computer science students so might seem trivial or boring but hopefully not to any of them, if they ever read this bit —

So I got a raspberry pi at long last. After many years of being indecisive I decide that it would be ideal. I had originally intended to get it to play around with coding and to try out XBMC on it. If you’ve never tried XBMC its worth it. I decided in the end that my smart TV + TiVo box + Xbox was enough for my media needs.

In the end of decided what would be better to show off the power the raspberry pi than have it emulate tons of old consoles. Luckily some nice people have done all of the work there and even but a binary release together! Retropie is an excellent piece of software that I’ve very much loved using. That said installing version 1 from source was a mistake that I shouldn’t have been so nOOb to make. I guess, even the most hardened software developers sometimes copy the wrong repository link.

Retropie allows you, with the right ROMS, to emulate tons of  different consoles including my favourite childhood consoles (it uses emulationstation) – Atari 2600, SNES and Sega Master System. I was very pleased to find the first in there. Though I’m sure my wife wasn’t too pleased with me playing centipede quite loudly…

It is a very simply process to get this up and running and all the instructions can be found over on the retropie site. Alternatively you could look at using the instructions found on lifehacker. This is useful as it also gives direct instructions on how to setup a wired xbox controller.

Other useful things to setup include SSH. This can be enabled via the retropie_setup.sh script. This is really useful. If you then type ifconfig you will get your IP address and via windows you can login using many tools. Good ones include PuTTY and WinSCP (a video guide to the later can be found here). This will then allow you to transfer over your ROMS and bobs your uncle you are good to play, this is what I started with:

Game playing on my raspberry pi :)

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