Potatoes are the alternative fuel of the future

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If this were the 16th century, hoards of middle school students would be beheaded by the Church for witchcraft.

Building a potato clock is basically a prerequisite to graduating the fifth grade. It’s as cliche as building a volcano for the science fair you forgot about until the night before.

I’ll go on record and say I never believed this was actually possible. I don’t think it’ll work. I think this has been a giant conspiracy perpetrated by the Idaho farming industry to trick people into buying more spuds. Potatoes are not fuel sources and running electrical appliances should not be possible.

And if it does work, I’ll take a page out of the medieval Church’s playbook and just conclude that it must be some form of dark magic.

For the project, I used instructions from wikihow‘s article on building a potato clock.

  • 2 large clean potatoes, or 2…

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