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Flickr Astronomy: Wizard nebula


The Wizard Nebula by Jaspal Chadha on Flickr.

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Flickr Astronomy:M33

M33 Dreiecksgalaxie by Markus Bachl on Flickr. Just follow this link to see and comment on this photo:

Flickr Astronomy: hot gas


Flickr photo

Lovely shot in hydrogen alpha of a bubble of hot gas.



Lutetia (Rosetta)Lutetia is a large main-belt asteroid about 100 kilometers in diameter (120 km along its major axis). It’s named after Lutetia, the Latin name of the city that stood where Paris now stands. Lutetia has an irregular shape and is heavily cratered. The largest impact crater is around 45 km in diameter. It has a high average density, meaning that it is made of metal-rich rock.

This picture was taken by the Rosetta spacecraft when it passed within 3,162 km  of the asteroid in July, 2010. Lutetia was the largest asteroid visited by a spacecraft until the Dawn spacecraft arrived at Vesta a year later.

Image Credit: ESA

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The day my son went viral

Put the book back on the shelf

UntitledA couple of months ago my son, who is six years old, performed a solo routine at his school talent competition. I couldn’t attend but my wife filmed it on her mobile phone so I could watch it later. She also put it on Facebook for friends and relatives to see. Unfortunately, we hadn’t given any thought to the privacy settings and it was ‘shared’ amongst people we didn’t know. When we became aware of this we quickly changed the permissions and forgot all about it.

However, one morning, a few days later, we received a text from a friend telling us that the video was ‘trending’ on Buzzfeed and, as we hastily conducted some Google searches, it became apparent that we had a problem. There were bizarre stories about it on sites such as Huffington Post and Mail Online and these were being replicated around the world. Additionally, the…

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Flickr Astronomy: cloudy milky way


Flickr photo

Gorgeous photo of our galaxy.