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Time for a change…

Well then its been quite sometime since I last changed the look of these pages. I think its about time that I did this. So here we are… new look. Its very similar to my research pages… there are bound to be a few teething issues but here we go….

Interesting Astronomical Papers

Most days I index papers, generally on radio astronomy, that interest me – currently these are posted to the cyberska site and they should go to my [twitter page]…. but I thought it would be nice to index it on here too, so take a look at the astro papers page.

Tumblr pages…

I’ve been trying out Tumblr as a means of bloging and I like it – I think I might attempt to maintain an astronomy blog over on their system for a while and see what happens… if you want to take a look at my fledgling new blog see:

Talk and Telescope Website

I’m proud to say that we have launched a new astronomy outreach website, []. This site is aimed at promoting the public talks that are run at the University of Birmingham by the UoB Astronomy Society and the School of Physics and Astronomy. Go on, take a look… you never know you might even fancy coming to hear one of the talks! Oh and refresh that page a few sides and see if you can spot something changing at the top… biggrin.gif

New Image Gallery on Site

I decided that the image gallery on my website was really not up to scratch… since I don’t update it! I am a big user of Flickr and decided that it was about time I merged it into my main pages. I recently came across a great tool lumis Gallery (by David Rencher) so I decided I would embed this in my site. So from now on the image gallery will be based on my flickr images… take a look at it – I think it looks quite cool.

New Astrosoc website

As the new webmaster of the UoB Astronomical Society I thought it was about time I got this thing finished, so I spent most of last night doing that (once I realised a slight oddity in connecting to the guild’s ftp server). Anyway most of the page was wrote quite quickly, I took the original redesign of Steve’s and modified it quite heavily, essentially writing most of it in a different way. I think it looks nice a easy to use. I still have bits to write for it, mostly backend php stuff that will make things look better. Oh and I need to put lots of content on there! If you want you can take a look at [].
Whilst designing the page I came across a few useful things and a few problems. The first is, as expected, IE. My hate affair with Internet Explorer continues and I even came across an issue I hadn’t realised it had before (luckily I found the info I needed to fix it, [here] if you are interested). It was easy to fix but the site just doesn’t look as good in IE, I’ll have to write a mod to get it looking as good but I doubt it. I gave up on getting the drop down menu boxes to run in IE, they work fine in other browsers (if you dont have it, get Firefox it is so much better!).
I decided that I would use some breadcrumbs on the site, I still need to get this exactly how I’d like but its not too bad at the moment… thanks to [Breadcrumbs_for_PHP_Lovers] for a nice little script to do just (almost) what I wanted.
I have also implemented a couple of php navigation systems that I have come up with, they are rather basic at the moment and if I make them a bit fancier I might put the code up here.
I decided that we needed an image gallery so I have gone with [Hoverbox], which I have modified a bit to suit my multiple page / gallery needs… thank god for PHP! 🙂
Again take a look, []

New Poynting Physical Society Website

I have finally completed the rewrite (via an open source design) of the Poynting Physical Society’s (PPS) website. I’m pretty proud of the images. Oh and it works best in Firefox, though there isn’t much of a different in the display between it and IE. See []

1,000th entry!!

Woohoo! who would have thought that I would have managed to keep up my rantings on here to 1,000 entries. I am proud and shocked at the amount of time that I have sat in front of a computer boring people who read this! Anyway, yay! I am off to Canada tomorrow so expect a post whilst I am away…. but maybe I will just stay away from computers!

The Dialectizer..

You can use the [The Dialectizer] to instantly creates parodies of websites… anyway my mate (thanks Geord) sent me the link and it instantly makes this website sound wack! Just take a look at: [this site in jive] (note you go to a holding page first…)

900 post!

I have made it to 900 posts, wow, I’ve become a complete and utter blogger over the last few years…. for those of you who read this and I know there are quite a few of you out there, thanks, knowing that someone out there reads this dribble is worth it. I hope the next 900 are as interesting, or even more so!