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F1 Monaco Grand Prix Stats

A while back I thought it might be fun if I started to look at the statistical nature of Formula 1 races. As a data scientist I always enjoy having a play with numbers and I thought I could easily apply some simplistic models to the data with some python scripting.
I initially had some “fun” with JSON and getting the data into some useful format for me to process in python. This was overcome once I realised that the data structure was a bit more complicated than I had expected. Python has a nice function for dealing with web outputs in JSON format (using the libraries simplejson and urllib2 was the trick – I’ll write something about this later).
There is of course lots of data and I intend to look at this further but for the time being I thought it would be really interesting to look at the variation of lap times for each driver by looking at their mean, max, min and standard deviation. It turns out that the driver who was the most consistent with their lap times in the Monaco Grand Prix was Nico Hulkenberg who produced a standard deviation in his lap times of 5.201. Webber won the race and had a standard deviation of 5.224. I’ll have to dig out the rest of the data, could be interesting to see who is actually the most consistent driver in this very odd season.
Over the next few races I intend to apply a bunch of different approaches to the data but for now here is a quick first plot looking at 10 drivers lap times over the race. You can really see when it started to get a bit damp (the bump towards the end of the race):
F1 Monaco
Oh and here is a quick data table I’ve produced that gives some overview info: ID number, driver name, mean laptime (s), max laptime (s), min laptime, standard deviation in the lap time and finally the total number of laps completed:
1 Webber 81.2634358974 113.554 79.076 5.22471471332 78
2 Rosberg 81.3692179487 113.729 78.805 5.21267201929 78
3 Hamilton 81.7103974359 113.709 79.04 5.53280282831 78
4 Alonso 81.6865512821 113.85 78.857 5.56464331487 78
5 Massa 81.5894102564 114.276 78.806 5.49839624505 78
6 Vettel 82.2420512821 114.809 79.101 6.18925093413 78
7 Raikkonen 82.0597820513 114.904 78.904 5.24474347995 78
8 Schumacher 81.9103717949 115.898 79.082 5.20794225841 78
9 Hulkenberg 81.9712051282 115.635 79.457 5.20147106992 78
10 Senna 82.1178846154 115.198 79.719 5.4820607696 78
11 Resta 82.8519220779 115.304 79.246 6.337354458 77
12 Ricciardo 82.7586623377 115.818 78.423 5.854848841 77
13 Kovalainen 82.9670519481 117.791 79.305 6.34228615403 77
14 Button 82.6418701299 117.735 79.548 5.87962974219 77
15 Glock 83.6168026316 118.07 79.58 6.78045042755 76
16 Pic 82.9222 119.071 77.43 6.48074288422 70
17 Vergne 82.8413692308 119.216 77.296 7.0860552063 65
18 Perez 84.60925 118.874 78.53 8.55919369012 64
19 Petrov 84.1634285714 120.466 79.649 6.8907672407 63
20 Karthikeyan 86.6702666667 118.104 80.825 10.3405089976 15
21 Kobayashi 108.5892 135.62 81.603 23.0780821595 5
As I say this is just a start, I’m hoping to make some nicer looking lots for the next race…

British F1 GP

My first time at a Formula 1 race was pretty cool. Last Sunday we went to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. It was a good race that had a bit of extra spice due to the large down pour of rain just before the start. The rain did have to happen just while we were outside of our covered stand while the red arrows flew overhead, argh! Oh well, still was lots of fun. Before the F1 was a GP3, a GP2 and a Porsche Supercup race. Here are a few of the snaps I took:
A bit of fun before the race for Alonso:
Alonso - classic driving.
The Red Arrows:
Red Arrows
Some early wet racing:
Wet Racing
Hamilton fighting (and losing) for position:
Oh he has lost a place :-(
Alonso Celebrates:
Alonso Celebrates Win

Snowboarding FIS World Cup

Back in February (26th to be exact) I got the chance to [see some proper snowboarding].. all taking place within the city at the ski hill that I get public transit too. Now if I didn’t suck at snowboarding/skiing that would be a really exciting thing, though I guess if I was good at it I’d just go the mountains. Still its a nice bonus of living in Calgary.. well it makes the snow more bearable. Anyway, back to the subject – we (me and my mate Steve who was over visiting) decided to go check it out the [snowboarding world cup], given it was free and in his case a $2.40 journey away. Was well worth it. We got to see the whole half pipe competition (both men and women) and there were some awe inspiring moves made… of course I took a couple of pics:
Snowboarding World Cup @ COP
Snowboarding World Cup @ COP
Snowboarding World Cup @ COP
If you are ever in Calgary, do go to [COP] well worth a gander.. well maybe not in the summer but the winter when there is an event going on.. or you [wanna make an idiot of yourself like I did]. Oh and some more pics of this event can be found on [my flickr account].

A couple of hockey games

Whilst I had a friend stay recently we went to a couple of hockey games including the first [WHL] outdoor game. Was a disappointing result with the Calgary Hitmen losing but still was a lot of fun, even if darn cold (-20C ish) !
More from the game [here].
We also took in a couple of [Flames] games, alas even with their excellent form of late they didn’t manage to win either. Losing to the Boston Bruins (pics [here]) in regulation and on a shootout to the San Jose Sharks (pics [here])…
Flames vs Boston Bruins - bench
Flames vs Boston Bruins - Kipper
Flames vs San Jose Sharks
Just gotta hope the [Flames] keep it going and make the playoffs.

Flames vs Oilers video…

and here is the video…

(video might be slightly truncated to the right / in case link does work: take a look at the actual youtube page)

Calgary Roughnecks

Last Saturday I went to watch my first professional lacrosse game at the Calgary Saddledome. I have to say it was just a bit odd.. the game was good but the “show” part was a bit much – too many breaks etc. It was the Calgary Roughnecks versus Colorado Mammoth. Calgary won 12-11 (if you can’t see the video, try [here]).

Roughnecks Lacrosse
Roughnecks Lacrosse

Dinos vs UBC

I went to watch my first University sport match while I have been in Calgary on Friday. It was the [University of Calgary Dinos] versus the University of British Columbia. Oh it was ice hockey. I’m happy to say the game was good, though due to drinking of beer we did miss the first period… oh well. It was 1-1 when we got there. The final score was 3-1 to the Dinos… go Dinos!
UofC Dinos vs UBC hockey faceoff
This was my second hockey game while I have been here and it was a bit higher pace than the [last one (Canada’s Women’s national team)] with a few big “hits” and a bit of a fight… not a “good” one though…
UofC Dinos vs UBC hockey fight!
A few more pictures over on .

My first hockey game

I went to watch my first hockey (oh and for any Brits by hockey I mean the ice variety) game the other day. It was at the Father David Bauer arena here in Calgary. It was a game between the National Women’s Team (the Canadian Olympic team basically) and the Calgary Royals.
Canada vs Royals Face-Off
It was actually quite a good game, well for someone who has only ever watched it on telly. Of course in the women’s game there are no big body checks or fighting (though I’d probably not want to get in a fight with any of those lasses looked like they could have held their own). The final score was 4-4 which in North American sports means we have overtime and then penalties… with the women winning 7-6 on pens. Lots of fun. Oh there is a short video below… (and a bunch of other pics over on .
Canada vs Royals

If you can’t see the video try it [here].

Olympic Flame at UofC

Last Tuesday the University of Calgary got into the Olympic spirit that is slowly ramping up in Canada ahead of the 2010 Vancouver games. As the torch makes its journey through Canada it made a nice stop at the Calgary Olympic Oval (Calgary was the host of the 1988 games, if you are a Brit you will probably remember Eddie the Eagle, it was these games that he did that) on its way through Alberta. Of course, I couldn’t miss out on this!
Olympic Torch skates around the Olympic Oval
Olympic Rings
Oh and on the way home the torch on the Calgary tower was on…
Olympic Flame on Calgary Tower
More photos at:

Football Manager 2010 on Ubuntu

By far my favourite computer game is [Football Manager] and for Christmas I was given the latest incarnation, FM2010. Now I could just play it on Windows, and indeed I probably will at some point, but that’s not me. I never use Windows unless I have to these days (I only ever need to windows to play games). So I went about trying to get it to work on [Ubuntu]. [FM2008 was pretty easy to install] but I had a few problems with this one. For some reason I just couldn’t get the correct settings in [Wine].
So in the end I just went and installed [PlayOnLinux] which has a nice install script for the game and it WORKED! The install went smoothly (make sure you don’t do the via steam option though). I first had issues with the graphics but all I did was make sure that fm.exe was added to the list of programs to run in XP mode in winecfg. I also think that you have to make sure you run kill all tasks running with the wine prefix and then simulate the windows reboot. After doing that – job done. I have a few issues with the graphics and the 3D engine is currently not working, but I probably wouldn’t use that anyway…