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Back from Reading

I’m tired, exhausted, rocked-out, wrecked and sleepy. I’ve had a great time. I’ll write more tomorrow but for now its time for bed.


Scammer Pay back time…

A friend drew my attention to [this] incredibly funny prank. It’s long but definitely worth the read. If you don’t fancy it just take a look at the front page image, I’m sure you will be intrigued to read it by that point.

Reading Tomorrow

I’m off to the reading festival tomorrow! I can’t wait. Expect there to be some rather odd images and many band reviews to be posted on my return but now I have to get ready and get prepared to carry a heavy rucksack and not go the toilet for a few days..

Last years pics can be found [here]
and last years reviews can be found at [blog page] to start with, in total there was 4 blog entries but I’m too lazy to link them all

We Are Scientists @ Club NME

Last night we went to see We Are Scientists at [Club NME] in Birmingham. This takes place at the medicine bar down at the custard factory. I’ve never actually been down there, I don’t go down digbeth too often. It is actually quite nice down there, I was surprised. My past experiences of digbeth, past the bull ring that is, haven’t been great but these have normally involved the coach station. Anyway the gig! It was ok. The room was well suited and there weren’t many people there. The first band, who I have no idea what they were called since I don’t think they mentioned their name (good publicity lads!) weren’t bad. They were entertaining, though I did have the feeling they must have taken huge influences off the Strokes and the Chilli Peppers. We Are Scientists were good. I’m looking forward to seeing them again at Reading this weekend. If I do, then it will be the first time I have seen two bands within a week! Scary thought really, but they are good. Probably my favourite song of the moment is by them “Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt”. They were very entertaining and I’d like to get hold of more of their music.

The only problem I have with Club NME is the bands are on late as it is supposed to be more like a club but it doesn’t really turn into a club night and it means that you have an expensive journey home. Luckily for me last night – I got a lift!

SQL Random Rows Code

Time for another piece of SQL code. This might, like the [previous one], be useful to someone. What this one does it from a database in the SDSS database, with objID and plate in, returns them in a random order. Now why would you want to do this? Well, maybe, you just want to return a random sample from the SDSS without having to download the sample (due to its size it is unfeasible to download it all) and run some C program. This allows the randomization to be completed without having to download any data. The idea for this came from [].

— don’t bother with useless row counts
set nocount on

declare @rand_temp float

CREATE TABLE #temp (objID bigint NOT NULL, Ran_Num float NULL, plate int NOT NULL)
INSERT #temp (objID, plate) SELECT objID, plate FROM z_table

–assign a new random value to each key value in #temp

OPEN Random_Return
into @rand_temp

WHILE @@Fetch_Status != -1
UPDATE #temp SET Ran_Num = rand()

into @rand_temp

CLOSE Random_Return
DEALLOCATE Random_Return

–export the data from the temp table
select *
INTO z_random
from #temp
order by Ran_Num

The Euro, yes or no?

I’m not one for resisting change and I’m definitely for the Euro but I think this image says we should think about it…..


I found this image on my computer earlier today when I was tidying up. It is off the launch of the Euro. If this is the way a new major currency was launched then I think as sensible people we might want to have a rethink!

Star Wars: Empire at War

LucasArts have released the first trailer for the upcoming Empire at War game and it looks brilliant!
See the trailer at: [LucasArts]
This is to be probably the most graphically detailed space stratergy game ever made and promises a huge amount of control. The only problem is we have to wait till february.